Hurry Up… And Wait – Soulive

Here’s a look at the track Hurry Up And Wait from the Doin’ Something album by one of my favorite bands, Soulive. It features the grooving drums of Alan Evans, his brother Neal on the Hammond B3 and Eric Krasno on guitar. Very few trios are able to get such a big, funky sound which is why I love this group and this track so much.

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The intro to this tune is in 6/4 with a strong accent on beat one and 8th notes played on the hi-hat. Alan plays some tasty little ghost notes with all the sixteenths swung. After 8 bars there’s a time change to 4/4 with the groove played on the ride and the vibe kept pretty consistent.

It’s the C Section where things get nice and funky and the group pick hits on beats one, two and three in the first bar of a four bar phrase followed by beats one, two and the a of two in the third bar of the phrase.

As you jam along to this track forget anything fancy, go for a deep groove and keep it loose enough so that it feels nice and relaxed. DN


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