Decode – Paramore

Ninjas! In today’s lesson we’ll be learning how to play Decode by Paramore which was released as a single from the soundtrack to the film Twilight and appeared as a bonus track on the bands third studio album, Brand New Eyes. The song was certified Platinum in the U.S on February 16, 2010, selling over 1,000,000 copies. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 2010 for Best Song Written for a Movie.

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Drummer Zac Farro lays down a great drum part for this track with some nice little fills throughout. He never holds back so you can use this as an excuse to give it some.

The verse features a one-handed sixteenth note groove with the bass drum following a kind of two bar pattern. Fills appear every fourth bar and there is one thirty second note move between the toms and bass drum in particular that crops up several times throughout the song.

The chorus switches to a powerful eighth note groove played on open hi-hats. The snare also moves to the ‘a’ of three and the ‘e’ of four. After the chorus there is a short interlude before the next verse which has some ghost notes that really thicken up the groove.

There is quite a lot to get your head around on this track so be sure to slow down the individual parts before trying to bring them all together.

Now Kill It! DN


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