How To Master Any Drum Groove

Since I’ve been unable to make it into the studio this week I’ve decided to teach you a very important lesson instead. In fact, it’s probably THE most important lesson of all. No matter what level of drumming you are at or where you want to take your playing THIS is where it’s at my friend. Read More

How To Make A Living Playing The Drums

One question that always pops up in the forums and in conversations between drummers is, ‘How do I make money from playing the drums?’ Many of us play for fun but almost all of us would love the opportunity to do it for a living.

Thankfully, there’s no mystery to it. It’s an achievable goal and if you follow my advice you can join the professional ranks and enjoy a career that will make others envious: Read More

How To Become A Freelance Drummer

Most drummers dream of one day being able to make a living from playing. Some want to tour with a platinum selling artist, others want to spend their days in the recording studio, while others want to stay closer to home and lead the best club band in town. The common thread that links them all is the desire to have a career in music and spend their days playing the drums.

While many succeed in making this dream a reality, others never quite get out of the starting blocks. It’s not as easy as easy as it seems and there are lots of pitfalls along the way. To make sure that you become one of the success stories here are some top tips on how to become an in-demand freelance drummer: Read More

How To Read Drum Notation

One of the most ignored drumming skills is the ability to read. Far too many drummers by-pass it early on and often regret it later in life – especially when they miss out on learning and playing opportunities because they can’t do it.

Reading drum rhythms and charts will, 1) Make your learning far easier, (because every drum book on the market has drum notation in it!) 2) Allow you to transcribe and memorize songs, and 3) Help to make you more employable.

Unless you are a top flight session guy you don’t have to read everything perfectly first time through so don’t panic. Just keep at it and you will become more fluid in time. Read More

How To Tune Drums

You could be the best player in the world but if your drums are out of tune your gonna sound like crap. Unfortunately, most drummers think tuning is a bit of a mystery so they never quite get the sound they’re after.

Good news is, your not like most drummers. You’re a ninja and you have this handy guide that I’ve prepared for you to get the best sounding drums possible. Enjoy… Read More

How To Stay Motivated When Drumming Gets Tough

There will be times in your drumming life when things get tough – you have a hard time learning a particular beat, you practice but don’t seem to get any better, you can’t get any gigs. Whatever it is, it’s stressful, it leaves you feeling flat and undermines your love of the instrument.

It happens to the best of us and if we don’t know how to cope then we might do something we regret. Read More