5 Cool iPhone Apps For Drummers

Have you ever been bored to your wits end waiting for a flight, sitting in traffic or listening to a presentation?

Of course you have! You’re A Drummer!!

Scientifically speaking we have the shortest attention span of all musicians (don’t quote me on that!) and suffer the worst case of restless arm and leg syndrome known to man.

So what can you do to channel that constant itch to drum when you’re nowhere near a kit? Read More

5 Things Every Drummer Needs

Most drummers are pretty well equipped these days.

They’ve got their drums, they’ve got their cymbals and they’ve got a stick bag that resembles Sherwood Forest.

They do, however overlook some little things that are hugely important. These little tricks of the trade help gigs run smoother, help you to play better and prevent those nasty nightmares that all drummers have at least once in their lifetime.

So lets take a look at the 5 things every drummer needs: Read More

The Top 10 Drum Books

It’s your birthday! Congratulations!

You’ve just received an Amazon gift certificate and you’re trawling through the book section to find something that’ll improve your drum skills.

What do you go for? What should you work on next? Which book is going to make the biggest difference to your playing? Read More

How To Clean Cymbals

Have you ever noticed that some drummers’ cymbals always look good? They shine so much that you’d think they were brand new, even after years of playing.

Then there’s the rest of us. Ours look more like they belong in a scrap yard rather than on a drum kit.

It’s pretty obvious that we should take better care of our gear so I’ve asked some experienced players and techs how they go about cleaning their cymbals. Here’s a summary of what I found: Read More

The Top 5 Drum Schools

Have you ever thought about studying the drums full-time? Would you like to immerse yourself in a school with great teachers, a focus on playing (not academics) and a network of students who are all commited to achieving their goals, having fun and helping each other out. If yes, then you probably want to know where you should go – here are The Drum Ninja’s Top 5 Drum Schools: Read More

How To Play The Moeller Method

If you’ve been around drums and the drum community long enough you will hear all about The Moeller Method. It’s almost as famed and revered as the drummers who have used it. Players like Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer, Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo, and Ralph Humphrey have applied this technique to develop incredible speed, power, fluidity and musicianship. Read More