How To Play Blues Drums – Beginner Blues Beats

The Blues are the foundation of almost every important musical genre of the 20th century – from Jazz to Rock to Soul to Funk to Hip-Hop and beyond. As Willie Dixon so eloquently put it, “The Blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits.”

This lesson will give you the basics of blues drumming as well as a some essential recordings that will get you started with this style: Read More

Hurry Up… And Wait – Soulive

Here’s a look at the track Hurry Up And Wait from the Doin’ Something album by one of my favorite bands, Soulive. It features the grooving drums of Alan Evans, his brother Neal on the Hammond B3 and Eric Krasno on guitar. Very few trios are able to get such a big, funky sound which is why I love this group and this track so much. Read More

How To Play Jazz Drums – Beginner Jazz Beats

Jazz is one of the most exciting and expressive styles of drumming so it’s definitely worth studying at some point in your evolution. It will expand your musicianship and give you the vocabulary you need to be a more dynamic and creative drummer.

Most of today’s top drummers (Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta) have a strong foundation in jazz and even a little time spent working on this style will work wonders for your playing.

This lesson will show you the basics of jazz which you can then build on and take in whichever direction you like. Read More

Back In Love Again – L.T.D.

After a few interested emails I’ve decided to start demonstrating the drum parts (with transcriptions) of songs that have been influential in my life and development as a drummer. There will be a mix of Funk, R&B, Rock and World beats with lots of cool stuff in between. The goal being to give you a massive repertoire of tunes to draw from and utilize in your playing. Read More

How To Become A Freelance Drummer

Most drummers dream of one day being able to make a living from playing. Some want to tour with a platinum selling artist, others want to spend their days in the recording studio, while others want to stay closer to home and lead the best club band in town. The common thread that links them all is the desire to have a career in music and spend their days playing the drums.

While many succeed in making this dream a reality, others never quite get out of the starting blocks. It’s not as easy as easy as it seems and there are lots of pitfalls along the way. To make sure that you become one of the success stories here are some top tips on how to become an in-demand freelance drummer: Read More

David Garibaldi Interview

David Garibaldi is regarded as one of the most influential drummers of all time having inspired generations of players with his innovative approach to the instrument. As long time sticksman for Tower Of Power he will forever be known as one of the true funk pioneers.

In this interview David shares some of his career highs and lows and offers some useful advice for aspiring drummers: Read More