Month: July 2020

Best Beginner Drum Set

Best Beginner Drum Set

Best Beginner Drum Set Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Drums are one of the hardest instruments as far as the learning curve is considered. Starting your drumming journey you should consider a beginner instrument that goes with your skills. Beginner drum sets are specifically designed to offer a pleasurable drumming experience to both youngsters and adults. …

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Roland TD-50K Review

Roland TD 50K Review

Roland TD 50K Review Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: The Drumming industry is constantly evolving and the space of electronic drums is growing at a fast pace. In this scenario, Roland is one of the leading companies with revolutionary products that push the boundries with products like the TD-50K that make the gap between playing acoustic …

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Best China Cymbals

Best China Cymbals

Best China Cymbals Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: China cymbals are those weird upside down cymbals that drummers sometimes use. They’re not the most common thing you’ll see around. They’re a staple for drummers who play heavier styles of music such as rock or metal. They can be a great addition to any cymbal setup, adding …

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