Month: April 2021

Cheap Drum Sets

Cheap Drum Sets

Cheap Drum Sets Ultimate Buying Guide For Drummers on a Budget Introduction: The price of a drum kit can often chase away potential buyers. Many people that are looking to start playing drums discover that drum kits are fairly pricey. However, there are some great kits out there that come at affordable prices.  These kits …

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Roland vad506 review

Roland VAD506 Review

Roland Vad506 Review Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Electronic drum kit companies are continuously trying to replicate the sound, feel, and authenticity of electronic kits. They’ve come a seriously long way in recent years and many electronic kits can stand head-to-head with acoustic kits.  The VAD506 is the latest innovation from Roland. It’s an electronic kit …

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Best Pearl Drum Sets

Best Pearl Drum Sets

Best Pearl Drum Sets Complete Buying Guide Introduction: Pearl has been a popular drum brand for decades. Even non-musicians associate the name with drums, meaning the company is incredibly well-known. The high quality of their drum sets is the big reason for this.  Another reason would be the popularity of the Pearl Export set which …

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