5 Cool iPhone Apps For Drummers

Learning the Essentials


Have you ever been bored to your wits end waiting for a flight, sitting in traffic or listening to a presentation?

Of course you have! You’re A Drummer!!

Scientifically speaking we have the shortest attention span of all musicians (don’t quote me on that!) and suffer the worst case of restless arm and leg syndrome known to man.

So what can you do to channel that constant itch to drum when you’re nowhere near a kit?

Well, you could just go through life hitting random objects at the risk of getting hit back or you could use your energy a bit more productively with the latest iphone apps for drummers.

Here are some of the coolest on the market right now:

1. Mapex Masterclass 

2. Benny Greb’s Drumtrainer

3. MooCow Music: Band

4. Tempo

5. Amazing Slow Downer

These apps will provide you with hours of entertainment and might even improve your playing a bit along the way.

You’ll also have something constructive to do next time you sit down on the old porcelain drum stool!

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