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If you’re a drummer with an internet connection, you’ve most likely heard of Drumeo. It’s the biggest online drum education platform and it has held that title for many years. They have made learning to play the drums accessible from anywhere in the world by providing high-quality education from some of the best and most accomplished drummers around. 

The Drumeo website is packed with a lot of content. A lot of it is locked behind a subscription service. So, is it worth it?

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What Does Drumeo Offer?

The main thing that drum offers is drum education. However, the company and website go so much deeper than that, offering several other things to go along with it. One of the best things about Drumeo is that they bring in professional working drummers to teach classes and courses. You get to hear their insights and advice on learning to play the instrument. 

They also offer things like play-along tracks and feedback from instructors. The site is constantly evolving and they’re always trying to improve their ways of connecting with students. There’s a community of drummers on the website and everyone is keen to help each other out. 

They have a unique xp system that helps you track your progress. With such a large website, it can be difficult to know when you’re progressing. Their system helps you see where you’re improving and help you take the next steps.  

Drumeo Review:

Drumeo Teachers:

Some of the best drummers in the world frequently go into the Drumeo studios to record high-quality content for people to learn from. You’ll see names like Larnell Lewis, Anika Nilles, Eric Moore, Tommy Igoe, and many more. These are called guest instructors at Drumeo. They also have some full-time instructors like Dave Atkinson, Jared Falk, and Brandon Toews. The full-time instructors are some of the guys that run the business behind the scenes as well. 

Every teacher that comes to Drumeo has something unique to offer and provides valuable lessons to learn from. Whether it be certain styles of drumming, complex patterns, or techniques, there is a teacher that will teach it. 

Some of the teachers will even do feedback videos where they watch your playing and give you feedback. They’ll tell you what you need to work on and they’ll also tell you what you’re doing really well at.

Things to Consider:

When looking at Drumeo, you need to consider how it will benefit you as a drummer. The great thing about the platform is that they have content for absolutely everyone. If you’re a beginner, they have some great lessons on getting started and playing along to music. If you’re an advanced player, they have some challenging lessons from other advanced drummers bout things like polyrhythms, odd time, and displacement grooving. 

So, you’ll never be good enough to not have anything to learn on the site. Something on there will benefit you and get you learning and improving. 

Drumeo Pricing:

The website has a few different pricing methods. The main one would be a yearly membership for their Drumeo Edge program. It costs $240 at current. That’s really not a lot of money for the amount of content that you’re giving. With the Edge membership, you have access to almost everything on the website. It will keep you busy for a seriously long time. 

They also offer monthly subscriptions. The prices for those often change, but they’re usually around $29 a month.

Drumeo VS Mike Lessons

Mike’s Lessons is another prominent online drum education platform run by Mike Johnston. The difference between these two platforms is that Mike Johnston is the only teacher on his website and he tries to make the students feel like they have him as their private teacher. So, instead of heaving hundreds of teachers on Drumeo, you have one teacher, Mike. 

There are benefits to both platforms and which one you think is better will just be determined by your personal taste. If you’re a drummer who wants to learn many things from different people, Drumeo is the way to go. If you want to progress steadily and be held accountable by one teacher, Mike’s Lessons may be a better option. 

A Clear Conclusion

In conclusion of this in depth review, Drumeo is the biggest drum education platform and has hundreds of pro teachers. It has courses for different skill levels as well as hour-long lessons by some of the greatest drummers in the world. Most of Drumeo’s resources are locked behind a subscription service called Drumeo Edge.

All the content is highly worth paying for and there is room for everyone to learn from the website including advanced drummers. 


Is Drumeo any good?

Drumeo is one of the best online learning platforms around. The website isn’t just good, it’s excellent! There’s something on there for everyone to learn and the fees are extremely reasonable and affordable. Jared Falk and his team have revolutionized the way we learn drums online. 

How much does Drumeo cost?

The website has a few payment options for memberships. The most common one is to pay $240 for the year. You can also pay monthly and that membership equates to $4.62 a week. These prices are very cheap considering the amount of content that you get on the website. 

They also sell some individual courses that are separate from the subscription service. However, you get access to those courses if you’re subscribed to the platform. 

Is Drumeo free?

Most of the content on Drumeo is not free. It’s locked behind the Drumeo Edge membership. However, they post a good amount of free content on their YouTube channel. Most of their hour-long lessons by professional drummers can be found on the YouTube channel. 

You can also find some shorter lessons there that are part of bigger courses on the website that you need to pay to have access to. The guys at Drumeo post a lot of entertaining content that you can find on their YouTube channel for free. 

If you don’t want to pay anything, you can still find a lot of value in their free YouTube content. 

How much is Drumeo Edge?

Drumeo Edge costs $240 for a year’s subscription.  But you should probably check the current price here.

What is xp for in Drumeo?

This is their way of letting students track their progress. The more content you watch and the more lessons you do, the more xp you get. It’s similar to playing a video game. The more you do, the better you get. 

When you have a lot of xp on Drumeo Edge, it tells you that you’ve learned a lot. 

Which Drumeo pack is right for you?

They have so many lesson packs on the website for all kinds of things. They range from musical style lesson packs to technique and groove lesson packs. If you want to learn how to play Latin grooves, there’s a course on there for you. If you want to learn how to play chops on the drums, there’s a course for that as well. 

The one that is right for you will be catered to whatever you’re keen to learn. 

How many members does Drumeo have?

There’s no accurate number to take from at the moment. However, the owners of Drumeo have previously stated that they had over 10 000 active Drumeo Edge members at one point. That was a few years ago, meaning those numbers would have largely increased by now. 

Their YouTube channel has almost 2 million subscribers. 

What is Drumeo Edge?

Drumeo Edge is the main subscription service of the platform. It’s what Drumeo is all about and provides years worth of drum education content. 

How long has Drumeo been around?

Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson first started a company called Free Drum Lessons. This eventually evolved into Drumeo. Free Drum Lessons started in 2007 and Drumeo officially launched to the public in 2012. So, Drumeo has been around for 9 years, but the owners were doing online drum education long before that. 

How many students does Drumeo have?

If you think of students being anyone who learns to play drums from Drumeo content, then Drumeo would have millions of students. Their YouTube channel has millions of views on their educational videos, reaching the whole world with their drum content. 

When thinking of Drumeo Edge students, the platform has well over 10 000 students. That’s a huge amount of drum students in a single place. 

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Final Throughts

If you’re a drummer that is interested and keen to learn some new things, Drumeo will undoubtedly have something for you. There is so much content on that website that it will keep you learning and progressing for many years to come. 

They even do lifetime Drumeo Edge memberships. You pay once, then you have access to all the content for the rest of your life. A great investment! 

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