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The Drumming industry is constantly evolving and the space of electronic drums is growing at a fast pace. In this scenario, Roland is one of the leading companies with revolutionary products that push the boundries with products like the TD-50K that make the gap between playing acoustic and e-drums really small.

The purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with helpful, valuable information about one of the latest, nearly perfect electronic drum kits on the market.

Key Features: 


  • TD-50 Drum module along with the Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • A wide list of onboard sounds
  •  The 14” digital snare PD-140DS equipped with a special high-res multi-sensor system
  • The 18” digital ride CY-18DR with improved dynamics equipped with multi-sensor system
  • The PD-108-BC tom pad & two floor tom pads PD-128-BC
  • Various cymbal pads, including VH-13, V-Hi-Hat, the CY-14C crash, CY-15R crash ride
  • KD-140BC trigger bass pedal
  • USB 10-channel out and multi-track recording capabilities
  • Stereo XLR master
  • Eight direct outs
  • Metronome and Quiet Count feature
  • MDS-50KV stand
Build Quality
Price to Value Ratio
  • The performance of this remarkable drum set is simply off the charts – Namely, there are only a few drum sets that could go toe to toe with Roland TD 50 KV
  • A massive level of versatility – This drum set boasts a high level of versatility due to the plethora of onboard sounds. This allows for easy, quick sound customization
  • Great playability – Basically, the level of playability of Roland TD 50 KV is provided by enormous versatility it holds
  • Exceptional features – Even though most of the features equipped to Roland TD 50 KV are improvements of the older models, they are true representatives of high-quality in its purest form
  • Well-balanced – Simply put, Roland TD 50 KV excels in virtually all fields of performance
  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy – Roland TD 50 KV is very heavy with 121 pounds of weight. This is not necessarily a problem, as it will remain stationary in your room or studio, but you will definitely have problems with transport
  • Minor assembly required – You’ll have to put your back into assembling Roland TD 50 KV. Even though the process is quite straightforward, it takes time and sweat to do it

Roland TD 50K Performance



First of all, the most striking definition of Roland’s TD 50 KV performance is versatility. This electronic drum set comes supplied with a manifold of onboard sounds which allows the drummer to customize in ever possible way.

You can both simulate the sound of a particular drum set or create your own unique style with great ease.


Roland’s TD 50 KV boasts a high level of playability. This means that the small, convenient parts allow the drummer to play for hours without getting fatigued or bored. The precise craftsmanship of Roland’s artisans has been proven to be impeccable as always.
The drum pieces are neither too small nor too large. This means that the drummer can arrange them in plenty of combinations if the original setup is not to his (or her) liking.

Best Electronic Drum Set

Sound Output

Even though we’ve mentioned this benefit in the “features” section, it’s important to accentuate the tremendous sound output of Roland’s TD 50 KV. Basically, there’s not a drum set on the market that is capable of delivering sound so precisely as this one. Even if we’re to put aside the fact that the sound customization is great, the raw, pure sound of Roland’s TD 50 KV is simply perfect.

The main contributor to this statement can be seen in the features. The TD-50 module comes supplied with innovative Prismatic Sound Modeling. This feature is a true representative of Roland’s state-of-the-art technology and creativity.

Furthermore, the improved PD snares and CY cymbals are not to be neglected. They have several zones of sensibility to reproduce the natural performance of an acoustic drum set.

Buying Guide and FAQ:

Now, there are some things you should know about the technicalities concerning Roland TD 50 KV, such as how to connect it to your PC, how to record your drumming sessions, how to upgrade your Roland TD 50 KV firmware and such.
This section of our Roland TD 50 KV review is dedicated to answering the most usual and frequently asked questions about Roland TD 50 KV.


In order to connect your Roland TD 50 KV drums to a computer, you need to use the Roland TD 50 module. Keeping it short, simply visit this site here for detailed instructions and guidelines.


One of the simplest solutions is to go into a studio and let someone else do the recording. Now, since this option requires quite a lot of cash, you might want to consider the alternatives. Namely, Roland™ offers two easy & cheap ways to record your Roland TD50KV drums.

1. Via Roland Rubix or Studio Capture Interface

Roland offers a variety of USB audio interface models, among which we consider Super UA, Mobile UA, and Rubix 44 as some of the best. These high-resolution interface models work on Mac, PC, and iPads, and they come outfitted with the instructions needed.

2. Via Roland – Air Recorder application

Your second option would be to use the Wireless Recording App, called Roland – Air Recorder. This application can be used to wirelessly receive (or send) data between the Roland drums and your iPhone. This is, perhaps, the simplest cost-effective solution.


All you need to do is simply connect to the official Roland TD-50 support site and choose one of the options (depending on which operating system you are using – Windows 10, 7, macOS, or similar).



Roland’s official site also provides useful information about how to connect your drum set to an amplification device. Namely, you need to use the “Mix In” feature. This feature allows you to connect your drums to an external audio player. Everything you need to know is contained within this site.

Roland TD 50K
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Price to Value

Final Thoughts

We covered most of the things that revolve about this exceptional drum set. This is an electronic drum set that boasts a high value for the money due to its impeccable performance, top-notch features, great versatility, and various other advantages. This kit is my first choice in the Roland Drum Kits rundown

The only downfalls of this drum kit are that it costs and weighs quite a lot.

These minor drawbacks shouldn’t be enough to dissuade you if your mind is bent on finding the best-quality drum kit o.n the market.

The only electronic drum set that can give this beast a fight is the ATV Adrums and the Roland VAD706. Be sure to check it’s pros or go through our complete buying guide on e-drums that cover the best drum kits for different users and price points.

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