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Have you ever found yourself using your phone very frequently when you’re drumming?
Whether it be to run backing tracks, control the mix, or run a metronome, many drummers use their smartphones and end up putting them somewhere around the kit.

It would help drastically to have a dedicated place for your phone. That’s where the Gibraltar Smart Phone Gooseneck Mount comes in. It’s a phone holder designed for drum kits.

Let’s take a deep dive to see what it has to offer.

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Key Features: 

The phone mount has a clamp at the bottom that allows you to tighten to most things around the drum kit. It can fit on a hoop, drum stand, and a drum rack. That makes it fairly versatile.

Connected to the clamp is a gooseneck that allows you to position the phone in a multitude of ways.

Finally, the phone connects to a holder that uses a scissor-action design to accommodate most phone sizes.

Build Quality
Ease of use
Price to Value Ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Very convenient
  • Fits anywhere on a drum kit
  • Very maneuverable
  • Expensive accessory

Gibraltar Smart Phone Gooseneck Mount Review:

What To Expect from This Accesory



The Gibraltar Gooseneck mount is a fairly high-quality accessory. Since it has universal uses, you’ll find most drummers will benefit from a tool like this. So, Gibraltar has designed it with high-quality features.

It has simple uses, but it performs them very well. The gooseneck is a fantastic addition to the mount. Some phone holders have rigid necks that aren’t as flexible, stopping you from getting the comfortable position you want your phone to sit in.

You won’t have that problem with the Gibraltar mount. It also stays in place for surprisingly long periods of time.


The construction of the mount is A-grade. The base and clamp are made from metal, giving it more durability and stability from the base. Most clamps are made from plastic everywhere, so the metal base is a fantastic addition.

As mentioned previously, the mount doesn’t move much, even when you have a heavy phone on it. The gooseneck is surprisingly stable, and it holds your phone very securely in place.

The phone holder at the top has a quick-release which is great for quick set ups and pack downs.

Price Value Ratio

It’s not the cheapest phone holder in the world. You can find quite a few that cost less and do the same thing. However, this is the most durable and sturdy phone holder we’ve seen. It’s also incredibly flexible.

So, you’re paying a bit more to have a mount that lasts longer and allows you to position your phone in more ways. This means the price-to-value ratio is quite good.

It’s a bit of a larger investment upfront, but the money paid is well worth the product you get.

Gibraltar Smartphone Gooseneck
for Studio Recording

If you ever use your smartphone in studio environments, the Gibraltar mount is the perfect tool to keep your device in place. You could use it to check song structures or run a click track.

If you have an app that you use to do certain tasks when recording, the mount is great for holding your phone close to you. While some mounts get in the way of the studio microphones, the gooseneck on this one helps prevent that.

So, you have a fair bit of freedom in how you place it around the drums.

Gibraltar Smartphone Gooseneck
for a Live Gig

You can use the Gibraltar mount the same way on a live stage as you would in a studio. Things like running song lists and click tracks are what it’s designed for when it holds your phone.

However, an added bonus for live gigging is the fact that the mount is so durable. When you’re out playing shows often, gear tends to wear out and get damaged. The durability and steadiness of this mount means it will handle heavy gigging quite easily without losing its structural integrity.

It’s a fantastic tool to keep in your backpack when you go and play gigs.


How long will it last?

While the mount is very durable, you’ll still need to take the best care possible. It will last as long as you keep good care of it.

Does it hold all phones?

It holds most smartphones up to a certain size. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold phones that are quite large.

Does it fit on all drum kits?

The clamp at the bottom is incredibly versatile and fits onto most areas on a drum kit.

Can you replace the parts?

Gibraltar is an excellent company that is often happy to send replacement parts if you contact them about it.

Things To Consider:


The biggest limiting factor of the Gibraltar Gooseneck mount is the fact that it can’t hold smartphones that are fairly large. Depending on what phone you have, you’ll most likely need to take the protective covering off in order for it to fit.

That may seem a bit daunting, but you don’t need to worry as the phone holder is incredibly secure. Your phone will be safe in there without a cover. Just be careful not to whack it with a drum stick.


There are so many helpful apps you can get to aid in your practicing and performing with the drums. Getting a phone mount is the best way to seamlessly integrate those apps into your drumming setup.

This Gibraltar Gooseneck Mount is one of the best devices to use for that. It’s sturdy, durable, and highly adjustable. The gooseneck is the main selling point of the product, allowing you to position your phone wherever you want to around your drums.

While it’s quite pricey, we think it’s worth the money you spend as it will last you a long time and you’ll get great uses out of it.

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