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Best Splash Cymbal

Best Splash Cymbals

Best Splash Cymbals Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Most drum kits sound pretty similar. Cymbals are what is going to make your kit unique and give it flavor. There are several types of cymbals (Ride, HiHat,

How To Clean Cymbals

How To Clean Cymbals

How To Clean Cymbals Taking Care of Our Gear INTROduction: Have you ever noticed that some drummers’ cymbals always look good? They shine so much that you’d think they were brand new, even after years of

How To Play The Moeller Method

How To Play The Moeller Method

How To Play The Moeller Method Learning a Powerful Technique INTROduction: If you’ve been around drums and the drum community long enough you will hear all about The Moeller Method. It’s almost as famed and

Best Cymbal Pack

Best Cymbal Packs

Best Cymbal Packs Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Cymbals are a crucial component in a drum set. They increase the range of sound you can provide as a drummer, as toms, snare, and drum bass just

Best Small Drum Set

Best Small Drum Sets

Best Small Drum Sets Portable, Travel & Compact Kits Introduction: Let’s face it, drum kits are huge instruments. The weight and size of your drum setup sometimes make it a mission to carry around to

Best Hi Hat Stand

Best Hi Hat Stands

Best Hi Hat Stands Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Hi hats are arguably your most important cymbals. They’re the cymbals that you’re going to use the most and every drum kit needs a pair. So, it’s

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