Top 20 Greatest Drummers Of All Time

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A big part of being a drummer is knowing your history and all of the great drummers that have come before you. What they did, how they played and the impact they have had on the world of music. Some drummers come and go but others have changed the game, transcended the art form and left a legacy that will always be remembered.

Here are The Drum Ninjas Top 20 Greatest Drummers Of All Time:

20. Buddy Rich (1917-1987)

19. Tito Puente (1923-2000)

18. Louie Bellson (1924-2009)

17. Elvin Jones (1927-2004)

16. Hal Blaine (1929-Present)

15. Ginger Baker (1939-Present)

14. Bernard Purdie (1939-Present)

13. Ringo Starr (1940-Present)

12. Billy Cobham (1944-Present)

11. Tony Williams (1945-1997)

10. Steve Gadd (1945-Present)

9. Keith Moon (1946-1978)

8. John Bonham (1948-1980)

7. Neil Peart (1952-Present)

6. Jeff Porcaro (1954-1992)

5. John ‘JR’ Robinson (1954-Present)

4. Vinnie Colaiuta (1956-Present)

3. Dennis Chambers (1959-Present)

2. Dave Weckl (1960-Present)

1. Who’s Next?

There are so many great players on the scene today that it’s impossible to pick from the bunch. Benny Greb, Stanton Moore, Jojo Mayer, Virgil Donati, George Kollias, Chris Dave. The question is, where will they be ten years from now and will they have made the same kind of impact as the legends before them? Only time will tell.

As drumming is not a sport and there is no way to actually measure how one drummer is better than another the list has been compiled in chronological order. It is also based on the way the drummers played, the impact they have had and the music that they have created.

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