39 Benefits of Drumming

Cool Facts of Playing Drums


Drums are an incredibly beneficial instrument to play. There are so many good things that happen with your body and brain when drumming that are often recommended for developmental reasons. 

Here are 39 benefits of playing the drum set! 

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39 Benefits of Drumming

1. It’s Fun

Faster Drumming

It’s loads of fun smashing the drums to your favorite songs. Playing drums is a great activity that you will never get bored of. 

2. Gives You a Sense of Passion

Many drummers start to have drums as their main focus. The passion you start to gain when falling in love with drumming is a wonderful thing to have. 

3. Improves Your Confidence 

The drums are a loud voice that you can sit behind. Being a good drummer tends to help those who are shy in other areas of life. It’s a great confidence booster! 

4. Branches Out to Percussion 

Anyone who can play a drum set will most likely be able to play many other percussion instruments. If you play the drums well, you’ll be able to play things like shakers, djembes, and congas well too. 

5. Popularity

Being able to play drums may just put you in the spotlight in many situations. If you want to be a hit with your friends, invite them to a gig that you’re playing drums at. It works every time. 

6. Improves Social Skills 

Now that you have something to invite people to, your social skills will improve. Drummers often have strangers approach them to compliment them on their playing. This will improve how you interact with people. 

7. Living Out Fantasies

Drums allow you to close your eyes and pretend you’re playing on the biggest stage with your favorite band. 

8. Responsibility with Equipment 

There are so many components of a drum set. You’ll need to learn how to be responsible for the equipment to keep it in good shape.

9. Personal Expression 

Drums give you a voice through a different medium. You can express yourself wonderfully through rhythms.

10. Time Management

You’re going to have to practice to get good at the drums. This means you’re going to have to manage your time to schedule practice sessions where the loud drums won’t bother anyone. 

11. Improves Listening Skills 

Benefits of Playing Drums

Drums are mostly played with music, meaning your ability to listen to music and what other musicians are playing will improve when drumming.

12. It’s Therapeutic 

Playing the drums tends to calm a lot of people. Whether you’re sad or angry, playing some grooves and fills will make you feel a bit better most of the time.

13. Reduces Stress

The therapeutic nature of drumming also helps relieve stress. Getting your frustrations out on the kit will help you let go of anything you’re holding too tightly to.

14. It’s Healthy

Drums are a physical instrument, meaning the movement is healthy for your body.

15. Makes You Happy 

We’ve never heard of a sad drummer. Have you? Drummers are the happiest musicians in the band most of the time!

16. Strengthens Your Body 

All the movements of arms and legs while playing drums tend to strengthen your body.

17. Improves Your Posture

You need to sit up straight when drumming, helping your body develop good posture habits.

18. It’s Relaxing 

Since drums are a repetitive instrument, your mind can switch off while playing to music. This makes it an incredibly relaxing instrument to play.

19. Improves Your Fitness

The constant moving of your arms will improve some of your fitness. However, it won’t be a significant amount unless you do heavy moments for a long time. 

20. Burns Some Calories

The more you move while playing drums, the more calories you will burn. The drummers with hyper playing styles burn many calories at their gigs!

21. Good for Your Brain

Drumming is excellent for your brain as it challenges it. You need to use all your limbs to play different things, keeping your brain on its feet to keep up

22. Improves Memory

You need to remember what you’ve learned on the drums, helping your memory improve. The more you practice, the better your memory will get. 

23. Focuses on Muscle Memory 

Your body will also remember what to play. This is called muscle memory. Your muscle memory will develop when you practice playing things over and over.

24. Improves Concentration

If you want to get good at the drums, you’re going to need to concentrate.

25. Helps with Discipline

Developing a good practice routine and sticking to it will help you with discipline. Many people struggle to stick to schedules. You’re going to need to with drumming. 

26. Helps with Personal Growth 

Apart from helping with discipline, drumming will also help your personal growth. It’s a great skill to have and it will show you how far you can get with hard work and dedication. 

27. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

You need good reflexes to play the drums. All the components moving together will benefit your hand-eye coordination. 

28. Improves Musical Expression

Drums will allow you to tell stories with music. The more you play, the better stories you’ll be able to tell. 

29. Boosts Creativity

The stories you tell will have to be rhythmic as drums don’t have any melody. This boundary will improve how creative you can be.

30. Drumming is Very Inclusive

Drumming is an instrument that people of all ages and all cultures can play. It’s incredibly inclusive with 3-year-olds and 80-year-olds going to their first drum lessons.

31. Exposes You to Different Musical Styles

Drums are used in most styles of music in the world. This means that you’ll be able to learn how to play beats from all over and experience how all the styles sound. 

32. Exposes You to Different Cultures 

Many musical styles come from specific cultures. You’ll be able to experience those cultures through rhythms that you play on the drum kit. 

33. Makes You a Better Learner

There are so many things to learn to play on the drums. The possibilities are endless, meaning you’ll need to become a good learner in order to narrow things down and learn bit by bit.

34. Allows You to Teach

Having the ability to play the drums means that you’ll be able to teach it to someone else. This means that you can make some money by teaching drum lessons. There are so many people that want to learn the drums, meaning you won’t struggle to find students. 

35. Improves Your Rhythm 

This is the most obvious benefit of playing drums. However, it’s the most important! Your abilities to see and feel rhythms will improve drastically when you can play the drums well. 

36. Easy to Learn

Drums have a low barrier to entry. This means that they’re easy for anyone to start learning. You just need to learn basic stick holding techniques and then you’re pretty much good to go. 


There are so many materials online to learn that will get you started! 

37. Cheap to Get 

While drum kits may seem quite expensive compared to other instruments, they last an incredibly long time. You could also find some fantastic deals on secondhand drum kits, making them cheap and affordable to get.

38. Helps with Other Instruments 

Having a good rhythmic background makes you better at playing other instruments.

39. You Can Twirl Drumsticks

Not many other instruments have components that you can do tricks with. Stick sticks are really cool to do! 


What does drumming do to the brain?

Drumming does a lot of good work for your brain compared to other instruments. You need to use both sides of the brain to play the drums thanks to the fact that you use all four limbs. The coordination needed boosts brain activity significantly. 

Why Drums are the best instrument?

We may sound a bit biased here, but nothing feels better than playing the drums! All the listed benefits make drumming one of the best instruments to play. Every band needs a drummer, meaning there will never be enough drummers in the world. 

Is drumming a good workout?

Drumming can be considered a workout. However, it will only be a workout if you burn a significant amount of calories. For that to happen, you need to be playing the drums with high energy for an extended amount of time. Most people can’t keep that up, meaning drumming isn’t the best thing to do if you want to get super fit and lose weight. 

Why are drums so important to music?

Drums provide rhythm and rhythm forms the foundation of most music. If there was no rhythm, it would be difficult to listen to and your ears would have nothing to hold onto. The rhythm keeps all the other instruments in time. It’s the drummer that provides the foundation of the music. 


We hope you’ve seen from this list how many great benefits drumming has. There aren’t many instruments that benefit you in all facets of life, but drums do! If you haven’t started playing the drums yet, now is the best time to learn. If you have, keep on playing and enjoy all the benefits that drumming has to offer. 

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