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Drum thrones are one of the last things drummers tend to think about when structuring a drum setup. However, they’re very important and can be the root cause of injuries down the road. So, every drummer needs a high-quality drum throne.

One of the most interesting drum thrones out there is the Gibraltar 9908. It’s a heavy-duty drum throne intended to provide the most stable platform possible. We’re going to check out everything it has to offer.

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Key Features: 

The most notable thing about this drum throne is the fact that it has 4 legs. Most drum thrones have only 3, making the 9908 an incredibly unique option on the hardware market.

The other key feature is that it has a motorcycle-style seat to sit on. It’s fairly oversized, making it incredibly comfortable while also protecting your lower back.

Here are the exact specifications of the throne:

  • 17” tractor-style seat
  • 4 legs which are all double-braced
  • Rotational height adjustment mechanism
  • Red stitches on the seat
Build Quality
Price to Value Ratio
  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Very comfortable to sit on for long hours
  • Easily adjustable
  • Quite heavy, so it won’t move around
  • Fairly expensive for a drum throne

Gibraltar GCS-9908 Review:

What To Expect from This Drum Throne



The 9908 is one of Gibraltar’s highest-quality drum thrones. Gibraltar has an extensive line of thrones, so it’s impressive that this particular one comes out on top.

Starting at the surface, the seat cushion is covered in high-quality leather. While most other drum thrones have a softer material on the surface, the leather gives the impression of a higher-quality throne.

Leather also lasts much longer than softer materials as it’s less prone to weather damage. So, it feels really good to sit on the throne and play. It’s comfortable enough to play for hours without feeling pain like you would with lower-quality thrones.

The cushion is large enough to hold drummers of varying sizes. So, this is a great throne to get for drummers with larger body structures as their whole lower side will still be comfortably resting on the throne.

The throne is also able to carry large amounts of weight which is another reason why it’s a great option for larger people.


There are 3 main things that you need to look at when choosing a drum throne. These would be the legs, the height adjustment mechanism, and the feet. The 9908 boasts great qualities in all these features.

Firstly, the 4 legs are double-braced which further adds to the stability of the throne. They’re quite thick, making the throne very heavy. That’s a great thing for when you’re sitting at the drum kit. Not so great when you travel with your gear often. So, this throne may not be the best option for heavy gigging drummers.

The height adjustment mechanism is fairly standard. It works on a rotational system, allowing you to loosen a nut and turn the throne to raise or lower the height. You then need to tighten the nut to keep it locked in place. Although it’s standard, it works incredibly well.

Lastly, the rubber feet are large and keep the legs locked tightly to the floor. This stops the throne from moving around when you’re playing.

Price Value Ratio

If you compare the Gibraltar 9908 to the thrones that most drummers buy, it would appear to be quite expensive. However, it has a few features that make the value-for-money quite respectable.

Gibraltar is a company that is well-known for making affordable hardware, and this drum throne follows that trend quite truthfully.

The 9908 has 4 legs, making it unique compared to most thrones. Another company that sells 4-post thrones is DW, yet all those thrones are much more expensive than the 9908. Compared to those, the 9908 is one of the cheapest 4-post thrones on the market.

Also taking the leather seat into account, this drum throne has excellent value for the money you pay for it. If you’re looking to buy a throne that will last long, feel comfortable, and look great, it’s worth investing a bit of cash into the Gibraltar 9908.


Mobility is one of the weaker aspects of the Gibraltar 9908. It’s very heavy thanks to the reinforced 4 legs. While having 4 legs is fantastic for stability, it gets cumbersome when you need to move the throne around.

The 9908 is one of the heavier thrones on the market, so it’s not an ideal option for playing gigs. It works better as a throne that stays in one place for long periods of time. This could be in a practice room or a recording studio.

If you want a throne that is light and portable, you should get something with 3 legs that isn’t as heavy. You’d just need to make sure that it’s a high-quality throne that feels comfortable to sit on.


Are Gibraltar drum thrones good?

Gibraltar products typically cater to drummers who are looking for high-quality hardware at affordable prices. Gibraltar is one of the only drum companies in the world that is purely dedicated to producing hardware. The outcome of this is that they produce some incredibly good hardware pieces, including thrones.

You can find several excellent Gibraltar thrones that will serve you very well over the years. They’re all sturdy, easily adjustable, and look great. But most importantly, they’re affordable.

With that being said, you can find many higher-quality drum thrones from some of the major drum brands. Two big ones would be DW and Pearl. Both those drum companies have some incredible drum thrones that cost north of $300.

You can also find some incredible drum thrones from brands that specialize in throne making such as Pork Pie Percussion.

If you compare Gibraltar thrones to the top-quality ones from these other companies, they’re not as good. However, most Gibraltar thrones are more than good enough for most drummers. The Gibraltar 9908 that we’ve been speaking about above is the best out of all of them.

How do I choose a drum throne?

You should develop a list of criteria that you need to be fulfilled when looking for a drum throne. This would be according to brand, size, design, and appearance. You need to take all these things into account when choosing a drum throne that you’re going to love.

While the brand shouldn’t matter as much as the other things, sometimes it’s easier to buy from a brand that you’re familiar with. For example, Gibraltar is a dedicated hardware company, so you know their thrones are going to be good.

Size and design are the two big things to look out for. Not all thrones are the same sizes. If you’re a tall person, you need to make sure that the throne you’re getting will allow you to sit high enough at the drums to be comfortable.

The design choices are the big differences between all thrones. Make sure that you love how the throne is designed before buying it. You could either get a round seat or a bicycle seat. Both have their benefits, and it’s up to you to choose which one will be best.

What’s the difference between a 3-post and 4-post throne?

4-post thrones are heavier and more stable due to the extra post. 3-post thrones are the standard design, and they’re a bit lighter and easier to move.

Should You Always Get Double-Braced Hardware?

Yes. You should always aim to get double-braced hardware as it’s a lot sturdier and more secure than single-braced hardware. It’s sometimes good to use single-braced cymbal stands for portability, but your drum throne should always have double-braced legs.

What is the Best Drum Hardware Brand?

Gibraltar is right up there with brands like Pearl and DW. The difference is that Gibraltar is a dedicated hardware brand, meaning they have more options when it comes to drum hardware. Some of it is cheap while other higher-quality items are more expensive and intended for pros to use.

There isn’t a single best brand out of all of them. It comes down to your personal preference as each brand offers something unique. One drummer will love Pearl hardware while another will hate it.

The best thing to do is to try everything and decide which brand you like the most.

Gibraltar 9908 Review
  • Build Quality
  • Adjustable
  • Price to Value


If you need a new high-quality drum throne, we strongly suggest checking out the Gibraltar 9908. It’s the perfect throne to use if you need something steady for a dedicated practice space.

It will last many years, staying comfortable and secure all the way through. It’s a bit pricier than most thrones, but the investment is well worth the higher price.

It may take some time getting used to having an extra leg, but you’ll find that you get accustomed to it. You may not even be able to go back to 3-legged stands after that!

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