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Best Cajon Drums

Best Cajon Drums

Best Cajon Drums Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Even if the term “Cajon” is unknown to you, we can guarantee that you’ve already seen at least one street musician playing the instrument with the same name. Namely, this percussive instrument is a plain, straightforward box which the drummer plays while sitting and it’s sound is just …

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Best Hi Hat Mic

Best Hi Hat Mics

Best Hi Hat Mics Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Think about it. When you listen to or play any song, which sound do you hear the most? It’s the Hi-hat! From electronic to rock or jazz, the hi-hat is constantly there to keep the beat and is probably the most important part of your drum kit. Well, along with …

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Best Ride Cymbal

Best Ride Cymbal

Best Ride Cymbals Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Ride cymbals are as important as any other drum piece and finding the best ride cymbal available on the market for a particular price point can be a tricky and time consuming task. Later on we’ll discuss the main reasons why drummers struggle to find the best fit …

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Best Cymbal Pack

Best Cymbal Packs

Best Cymbal Packs Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Cymbals are a crucial component in a drum set. They increase the range of sound you can provide as a drummer, as toms, snare, and drum bass just won’t cut it. In this ultimate buying guide we’ll cover different price points and sets for different purposes or drumming …

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Best Beginner Drum Set

Best Beginner Drum Set

Best Beginner Drum Set Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Drums are one of the hardest instruments as far as the learning curve is considered. Starting your drumming journey you should consider a beginner instrument that goes with your skills. Beginner drum sets are specifically designed to offer a pleasurable drumming experience to both youngsters and adults. …

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